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Taz’ titles:  CDX, AX, OAJ, OF, RE, CGC, HIC, W-Ch.FD/MF, W-Ch.FD/HTM

Taz was owned and loved by Lynn Ungar of Castro Valley, CA.  Musical freestyle, obedience, agility and writer of Christmas letters.

LandmarkMontage Puppet Master

Roux was owned and loved by Pam and Stu Edgcombe of Elk Grove, CA.  She is the puppy that managed to steal her littermate's collar at two days of age! We'll never figure out how she accomplished that!

CH LandmarkMontage Puppet on a String HT

Goldie is a happy, bouncy determined girl. She finished her championship on 9/16/2007 with 3 majors. Becoming a senior citizen has not stopped her from being a speeding Terv when it comes to reaching the ball first.

CH LandmarkMontage Dancing Puppet

Shadow’s titles: MXF, EAC, NCC, EJC, TN-E, TG-O, WV-E, HP-O, PS1, PJ1, CGC

Shadow was owned and loved by MJ and Nancy Stone of Meridian, ID.  Shadow was a sweet, wonderful companion and fun dog for Nancy to train in various performance activities.

MACH LandmarkMontage Shadow Puppet

AmCanUKC Ch Belamba Seaflower Montage, CD, PT x CH Bergeau Arlequin Replica

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April 25, 2005

Puppet Litter

Henson was owned by Kathy Madden.  He had a blast being a cosmopolitan doggie in Manhattan.  He heartily enjoyed his hiking trips, competitive obedience and herding lessons.  Henson finished his championship with 4 majors (5, 4, 3, 3).

Thanks to breeder judges Richard Lewis and Sharon Redmer.

AmCan CH LandmarkMontage Puppeteer

Punch began his conformation career after the breed standard changed and finished his championship on 12/29/08 from the Bred by Exhibitor class.

CH LandmarkMontage Puppet Show

Judy is one sparkly, little mischief maker.  She is living with Gary Madden in Manhattan and was the winery dog at Lieb Cellars for awhile.  Getting to go to work with Gary every day makes Judy a happy, spoiled, little girl.

CH LandmarkMontage Marionette