AmCan CH Landmark Par Avion HS

DOB:  9/9/94 - 1/17/09
CERF BT-1315/2000
Hips BT-2705G29F
Elbows BT-EL372
Cardiac BT-CA2/31/F/C

Ava was a sparkly, wonderful party girl puppy.  At age 14 she is still on lookout for any parties.  She inherited her mother's climbing ability and revved it up a notch.  Kelly would climb trees, Ava would climb up on deck railings to assist her in climbing on roofs. 

Ava is living her retirement being spoiled rotten by Tony & Donna Lyczkowski.  Mama Donna's home cooked meals, tennis balls, a young Terv to instruct in the ways of jumping - Ava is having a grand time.

Ava finished her Herding Started title by going Reserve High in Trial - Sheep at the 1999 ABTC National Specialty!  Ava was expertly handled by Sandy Moore.


AmCan CH Landmark Par Avion, HS
AmCan CH Landmark Par Avion, HS