1986 - 6/2/08

Oscar came to live with us at 5 weeks of age.  I had taken our cat, Jackie to the vet and noticed a sign they posted near the check-in desk about an abandoned calico kitten.  One the vet techs neighbors had moved away and evidently forget one of their kittens.  I made the mistake of asking to see her.  That was all it took.  I brought the tiny little girl home with us.  My ex-husband name her.  I was constantly having to explain that yes, I knew calicos were always female and it wasn't me that named her.  Oscar grew up to be 6 pounds soaking wet.  She slept on my son's chest every night he was home from the day she became a house cat in the middle of 1997. 

Oscar was a puppy raiser extrodinaire.  She taught every litter of puppies the proper respect that is due cats.  She would walk back and forth in front of a litter's pen and get them excited.  Once they were whipped up to the proper frenzy, she would jump on a crate next to the pen and clobber all of the puppies on the head.  She would individually train them to come up and give her a gentle kiss.  Anything other than gentle would result in a smack across the head or face.  Oscar rarely used a claw and only if it was a particularily obnoxious puppy.

She would thunder through the house, hoping to get a dog in trouble for chasing her.  We really miss this wonderful little girl.