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9/9/94 – 2/3/03
OFA:  BT-2706G28M
Eyes checked clear - 6/00

We lost our wonderful G-Man to cancerous Sertoli Cell Tumor that had metastasized to his spine and other areas of his body.  We still miss this incredible dog


Gator is a very special dog in our family. He and my son are best buddies. Being a showdog is not Gator's idea of fun (he is major pointed) - he much prefers being a clown or a Martian.

Gator has two favorite games to play.  One of these games is called, "I'm going to get you" - this is where he sneaks up on a person, crouches perfectly flat in the grass, madly wags his tail, woofs at the person if he is being ignored, and waits for the person to say (in the meanest possible tone) "I'm going to get you". After you says this, you must stomp your feet or wave your arms in the air. Gator will race around in a circle and come back to begin again.

Another favorite is "Air Gator". This game involves a hose with water pressurized as high as possible (soft water flow is for wimps). The hose is held about 4-5 feet off of the ground and Gator takes flying leaps to bite the water. He has found the water comes out of the hose hardest closer to the person holding the hose, so expect to get wet when playing this game. 


Landmark Navigator, NA, NAJ
Landmark Navigator, NA, NAJ