AmCanCH Landmark Boulder Over, AmCanCD, AmCanTD

DOB: 4/20/01 - 4/18/2015 - Our hearts are broken
Hips:  BT-4029G25F-PI
Elbows: BT-EL1387F25-PI
Eyes checked clear 10/2004

Mica is a wonderful, fun, intense dog.  She completed her Canadian championship in 7 shows with 7 BOB's and two group placements before age 2.  She finished her US championship in 4 weekends with 4 majors.

Mica was the #13 Belgian Shepherd Dog in Canada for 2003 (7 shows).  In 2005, she received an invitation to the Eukanuba National Championship for being in the AKC Top 25.

Mica is an incredible dog.  She was originally sold as a top conformation, obedience and agility prospect, but was returned when they decided to focus on schutzhund.

Mica is a once in a lifetime dog.  My son and I have so much fun asking Mica to do something completely new and watch her reason out what we have asked her.  She will eliminate all of the things she knows and start working through the variables.

I hope to have time this winter to work on her TDX and VST.  Mica's 460 yard TD track was RAN in 5 minutes on 2/26/06.  This included a water stop for her (mostly for me to catch my breath). 

One of my most memorable moments with Mica was asking her to track a lost elderly Tervuren in late 2006.   We drove around the last known sighting and several neighborhoods past that. Around 11:00 a woman called and had sighted the dog the previous evening. I had brought Mica with me in case we had a fresh sighting.  The dog's owner wanted to know if Mica could possibly track from that location on a track that old. She has only tracked once on asphalt for a short distance (other than tracking to our set-up locations at dog shows from the van).

The owners brought out the dog's bed for Mica to get a scent. Mica stood around for a few minutes and then took off down the street.  We crisscrossed the street a couple of times, went up on lawns, up to doorways and back gates. Mica headed across a bridge over the creek and we found a walking pee spot on the asphalt (the dog was a walking pee’er).

Mica took us down the creek to some bridge construction and appeared to loose the scent. She walked back and forth a few times, didn't want to leave, but had no scent to follow. The dog's owner found some paw marks up an embankment.  I sent Mica up the embankment and she caught the scent on the harder dirt between the houses.

We stopped traffic while Mica tracked down the middle of a busy road, then fortunately she went back on the sidewalk. The track was heading straight towards the dog's house.  She didn't turn down their street, but went straight.  Earlier Mica had been real interested in a grass spot on a lawn.  Further down the road we found old dog barf with grass in it.

Mica tracked her about two miles total to some bushes inside a person's chain link fence before she couldn't go anymore.  I can’t believe she was able to follow scent that old on such varying surfaces.  Unfortunately we were unable to locate the missing dog.

We started private obedience lessons, however I am a complete klutz and really don't like the discipline and precision. 

She had several incidences with symptoms approximating exercise induced collapse and would never had been bred due to this condition.  Mica was spayed in April 2008 due to cystic ovaries and an atypical pyometra.