CH Landmark Rolling Stone
DOB: 4/20/01 - 5/11/14
Hips:  BT-4023G28M-PI
Elbows: BT-EL1382M28-PI
Thyroid:  BT-TH91/28M-PI
Eyes checked clear


Moss is still just a dorky puppy and acts like he did at nine months of age.  He has inherited both of his parents penchant for having the need to ALWAYS carry something in his mouth.

Moss finished his championship on Aug. 2, 2003.   He had 3 seizures in May/June of 2006.  We switched him from lamb/rice kibble to raw and had no more issues.  Switched back to kibble in 2008 and he had 2 more seizures.  Guess who will now only be on a raw diet? 

Moss is nuetered.