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Jonny. A true delight.  Love this boy to pieces.

Kvina’s Quest of Winter

Jose has 11 points, 3 majors.  After suffering a meltdown in the ring at the 2016 National, he may not return to finish his championship.  We will concentrate on tracking and herding.

Landmark Cuppa Joe

Tea finished her championship at 18 months with a 5 point major at the Northern Nevada Belgian Tervuren Supported Entry on 9/26 (Bonanza KC, Carson City, NV).  She only needed 1 point going into the show and finished big!

CH Landmark Chai Latte

Unknown x Unknown

Ssssh. Jeff doesn’t know he isn’t a dog.


Dogs currently living with us.

Our Dogs

Goldie is a happy, bouncy determined girl. She finished her championship on 9/16/2007 with 3 majors. Becoming a senior citizen has not stopped her from being a speeding Terv when it comes to reaching the ball first.

CH LandmarkMontage Dancing Puppet

Roxanne is always zipping around, furiously wagging her tail with her ears laced back and a big grin on her face.

Roxanne began her herding career with Pam Edgcombe. Her favorite thing is putting the sheep in the center pen or sorting.  She would much rather be a useful farm doggie, then a trial dog.

CH Landmark Message in a Bottle, STDs

(LUX YCH pE Clovis De Bruine Buck IPO 1 x LP1 Hexen House Believeh)

Miles is our smiling, Swedish fuzz ball.  He is a very nice herding dog with lots of drive.

Hexen House Fuhrac