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March 22, 2014

Coffee Shop Litter

Tea finished her championship at 18 months with a 5 point major at the Northern Nevada Belgian Tervuren Supported Entry on 9/26 (Bonanza KC, Carson City, NV).  She only needed 1 point going into the show and finished big!

CH Landmark Chai Latte

Jose has 11 points, 3 majors.  After suffering a meltdown in the ring at the 2016 National, he may not return to finish his championship.  We will concentrate on tracking and herding.

Landmark Cuppa Joe

Bean is loved  by Tony and Donna Lyczkowski of Melbourne, FL.  Donna and Bean are training in Obedience and when Donna’s new knees are ready, they may get back to agility.

Landmark La Barrista