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In 1972 I got my first showdog, an Australian Shepherd named Panda (CH Bright Future of Windermere CD). Panda was my constant companion and best friend for most of my teenage years. My family was quite successful in Australian Shepherds and had multiple National Specialty winning BOB, BOS, WB, RWD, and High in Trials.

In 1982, I attended a herding trial in Michigan and saw some impressive Tervuren.  They were gorgeous and had definite talent for herding. Herding had been a large part of my life with Australian Shepherds and any dog I added to my life would need to have herding talent. Several months after the herding trial, I attended the FCI World Show in Madrid. When I saw the Belgians at this show, I knew a Terv was in my future. In my mind I wanted a dog that combined the qualities of the dogs I had seen in Michigan, with the breath taking European dogs. Along with my beloved Aussie, Landers (Landmark of Windermere), Tervs became a part of my life.

When my son was younger, he constantly had his friends in and out of the house.  The Tervs were a feature at his soccer practices and tournaments. Learning to drink water out of a bottle and eating popsicles were a skill that all the dogs learned - kept the kids on the sidelines amused.

How it all began . . .

From Australian Shepherds to Belgian Tervuren